#GirlDad: Jeff

Jeff Johnson

Jeff is the father of two handsome sons and a young Queen: Jayla.

1. What do you like most about being a Girl Dad?

The best part of being a Girl dad is participating in the development of my daughter. I like watching her learn new things and listening to her express herself. I like to observe the expansion of her mind right before my eyes. For me the thing I love most about being a girl dad is watching my daughter grow.

2. What do you wish you would have been told when you were younger that no one told you or you had to learn the hard way?

I was raised by a Grandmother who over explained everything. If anything I wish I would’ve been told that we are all spirits doing human time without so much religion being forced on me. I wanted to grow and align with my spirit.

Rediscovering myself while on a spiritual journey in your mid 30’s is a tough path.

I have been forced to unlearn, deprogram and relearn exactly who and what I am.

3. What is one thing, if any, that scared you about having a daughter?

The one thing that scared me is not living up to my daughter’s expectations of what a real father is.

I was scared of disappointing her.

I was scared of letting her down.

I was scared of not being there for her in a time of need or distress.

Those were all natural fears in the beginning, but now that she’s here I no longer have those underlying fears anymore. I know she knows that she’s my world and I’ll do anything to keep her happy and protected.

4. What life lesson do you have for other girls/young women?

The best advice that I can give a young woman is NEVER SETTLE!

Never allow the world to put you in your “place.”

Know that you are the creator of the entire universe!

Understand that you are a Goddess! Understand that you are supreme being a true warrior queen and the creator of the planet! There are no limitations to your excellence. You are the mother of all things, find your light and allow it to shine! Keep Glowing and Growing Queen!


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