#GirlDad: Jack

Jack Younger

Jack is the father of 5 amazing daughters and a bonus stepdaughter: Naughty’a, CW, Sigourney, Jackie, Sydney, and Robyn.

1. What do you like most about being a Girl Dad?

I loved seeing my daughters grow into the women they are today.

2. What do you wish you would have been told when you were younger that no one told you or you had to learn the hard way?

I have done a lot of things I regret, and I wished that I had some real guidance. My daughters are the best thing that happened in my life. They will be here long after I am gone, hopefully becoming better people.

3. What is one thing, if any, that scared you about having a daughter?

My daughters have good heads on their shoulders. My fear or concern was that one of them would be in the street life.

4. What life lesson do you have for other girls/young women?

Stay in school and follow your dreams. Surround yourself with people that share a positive mindset and are headed in the same direction as you.


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