For Colored Girls Who Lead is a movement that transforms the way women of color see themselves as leaders. We are offering workshops, webinars, networking events, and community service events revolving around holistic leadership. For more information, contact us.

Vision Statement

For Colored Girls Who Lead’s vision is to develop capable holistic leaders of color who will be viewed as assets and positive additions to organizations, businesses, schools, agencies and their personal lives. FCGWL seeks to empower women of color to reach their fullest potential and accomplish their goals.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop sustainable and holistic leadership skills through health, wealth, and spiritual success strategies.


CW Younger is the Co-Founder of For Colored Girls Who Lead, a Holistic Leadership Development Organization. She holds a B.S. degree from Towson University with a concentration in English and a Minor in African American Studies. As a mother of two boys, she is an advocate for building leadership skills and obtaining an education. CW is a speaker, Success coach, consultant, and trainer.

Currently, she serves as a Deacon Candidate and the Co-Chair of the Women’s Ministry for Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore. CW is the author of a chapbook, “The Birth of Petals”, which features a life cycle of pain and pleasure.

She loves the motto from Captain Planet, “The Power is Yours.” As a holistic leadership transformation specialist, she believes that everyone has what they need to be successful, they just need the keys to unlock it.

Nakia (Nik) Gear is a social media consultant, spiritual leader and life coach. Nik wants to help
propel FCWL into a world wide entity, spotlighting womyn of color and showcasing feminine
excellence at its best.

She is married to her beautiful wife Sabrina and the mother of 4 fabulous young adults.






Erisel Cruz, co-founder and web administrator of FCGWL. She is a social media consultant and writer based in Maryland. She’s an avid reader, gamer, Pokemon Master, and proud Slytherin. She is the proud mother of two spoiled Husky/Labs, and hopes to one day own a cat named Minerva.

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