For Colored Girls Who Lead is a movement that transforms the way women of color see themselves as leaders. We are offering workshops, webinars, networking events, and community service events revolving around holistic leadership.

Mission Statement

We are here to uplift women of color, help them improve upon their leadership skills, offer lessons on life, and focus on empowering our community through health, wealth, and spiritual success.


CW Younger, co-founder and team lead of FCGWL. Don’t let the charming smile fool you, she’s a go-getter.

Jamey Younger, co-founder and morale officer of FCGWL. Her jokes keep you laughing, and her quiet wisdom calms storms.

joi-francis Joi Francis, as her name suggests, she is a joy to be around. Maybe a bit shy, but quick with the comebacks!

Erisel Cruz, co-founder and web administrator of FCGWL. She is a web/media manager and writer based in Maryland. She’s an avid (addicted) reader, gamer, Pokemon Master, Slytherin Queen, and secret hedgehog. She is the proud mother of two spoiled Husky/Lab mixes, and hopes to one day own a cat named Minerva (tabby or otherwise). Catch her ranting, goofing off, or being entirely inappropriate on Twitter at @EriselCruz.

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