Welcome to For Colored Girls Who Lead (FCGWL)!

FCGWL is an organization dedicated to holistic forms of leadership, uplifting women of color, and sharing our thoughts and ideas about what it means to lead. Learn more about our mission, check out our blog for the latest in self-care, or watch a video to learn  more about holistic leadership, or drop a line on our contact page about any self-care tips you would like to share or topics you think we should discuss.

Help the Homeless with Hygiene

One of our fundamental beliefs is reaching back into the community.  In 2105, there were 565,000 homeless people, and women make up a little under 40% of that population. Homeless women face unique obstacles that men do not have to worry about.   A while back, I saw a video about homeless women coping with their periods.

As a organization geared toward women, we know that feminine hygiene products are expensive. A woman should not have to choose between eating or feminine hygiene products.

Your money with be used towards purchasing pads, tampons, and wipes to be donated to passed out and donated to women’s shelters. Being homeless is already hard, I want to be able to give these women a little bit of comfort and dignity.

Donate now

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