Beyond The Money

Wealth is usually thought of as having money, but money and wealth are two different things. Although with money you can purchase luxury items, true wealth is not the amount of cash in your purse. Money is a means of transaction otherwise known as cash. Robert Kiyosaki defined wealth as “the number of days you can survive without physically working and still maintain your standard of living.” In 2010, Robin Sharma identified different types of wealth that go beyond making money and working to survive. These elements of wealth are:

Inner Wealth – A positive mental state is linked to better physical health, higher income, and greater satisfaction in life. Often our negative thoughts limit our ability to move past our fears and limiting beliefs. Liberating your mind is the first step toward wealth.

Physical Wealth – Health is Wealth. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “It is health which is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” We do not usually think of health as wealth. You can not enjoy having luxury items, when you are always sick. Remember that true leadership starts with self-care.

Family and Social Wealth – Whether it is friends or family, surround yourself with exceptional people and connect with role models. You become who you hang out with, so take your time to connect with positive people. In their deathbed people don’t regret putting family and friends as a priority.

Career Wealth – Reaching the highest potential of your career helps with your self-respect. While you might not be the best at what you do, do what you do and do it well. Whether you work as a cashier or you are the CEO of a company, what is your next step?

Economic Wealth – Money is important to have, but it can not buy absolute happiness. The more money you have, the more you can reach back to help others. Share your blessings with other people. Economic wealth encompasses your savings and investments. Even if you do not have the money to give to others, how much money is in your emergency fund or savings account?

Impact Wealth – We live for completing something greater than ourselves. What is your mission in life? How will you make a difference in the world? Leaders leave a legacy. We can change the world by simply pursuing our passions or supporting an important cause. Reflect and decide what is most important in your life.

Adventure Wealth– We require creativity and challenges to be fulfilled. Seeking adventure can open your mind by introducing you to new places and people. Try out a new activity. Life is more about experiences and less about materials possessions.

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